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Joseph Stannard Baker Children Print E-mail
Written by Sam Cooley   
Monday, 18 August 2008



Joseph Stannard and Alice Potter were married from 1868 until her death in 1883.  They had six boys:

1. RAY STANNARD, (1870-1946) Journalist, Author

Following his BS at Michigan Agricultural College

and a year at the university of Michigan’s

law school, Ray worked briefly at his father’s

land & title Co. He then began an illustrious

career, as a leading muckracker journalist. He

wrote for the Chicago Record and McClure’s

Magazine and was a founder of American Magazine.

He went to Europe as a reporter on

assignment for the State Department. Later he

was director of the Press Bureau for the American

Commission at the Paris Peace Conference

in Versailles, France. He wrote numberous

books and spent 12 years writing the eight volume

Woodrow Wilson, Life and Letter winninga

Pulitzer Prize. He was equally well known as

Ray married Jessie Irene Beal. Their children were Alice Beal, James Stannard, Roger Denio and

Rachel Moore.

2. CHARLES FULLER, (1872-1927) Scientist, Professor, Dean

With a B.S. from Michigan Agricultural College

and M.A., from Stanford, Charles

taought biology at Pomona College (CA)

and worked as a botanist in Cuba and Brazil

before moving to the Philippines where for

25 years he taught and was Dean of the

College of Agriculture at University of the

Philippines Los Banos. He was a fellow of

the American Association for the Advancement

of Science and member of scientific

societies in 6 countries. He published over

100 scientific articles and conducted numerous

scientific expeditions, mainly in Central

American and Asian tropics. His collection of over 300,000 insects is in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington


In California he marriued Ninette Evans; they had

no children. According to fmily lore, she could not

compete with his love of science, especially insects.

She did not grant the divorce he sought. He is buried

in Saye Temple, Tatsuno Japan, next to Tome

Matsumoto, the Japanese woman he loved in the

Philippines but never married.

3. HENRY (HARRY) DENIO, (1874-1970) Real Estate, Community Activist

Following graduation from Michigan Agricultural College, Harry joined his

father at the cushing Land Agency, later Baker Land & Title Co. in St. Croix

Falls, WI. (That building is now hme to the St. Croix Falls Historical


He managed the company for 72 years and was president of nine banks.

A community activist, he was elected to local government offices and

had leading roles in Red Cross, Salvation Army, Hospital board and

Presbyterian Church. He was instrumental in establishing Wisconsin’s

first state park at the Dalles of the St. Croix River.

He and his wife, Helen Gower, had a son John Gower and lost a second

child in infancy. Following the loss of his first and second (also Helen)

wives, he married Fannie Heller. Their children were Harriet and Robert


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